The Acadamy

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The Great Acadamy located in Molir.

This phrase is enough to get most young hopeful’s eyes shinning with delight and wonder. The Acadamy takes up, in one way or another, nearly the entire┬ávast sialnd itself. At the southern tip is the main grounds whose tall ivory towers and gardens┬árival the size of Estrucia’s Capitol City herself. The rest is home to training grounds, small vilages headed by the acamy itself, and small farms.

I should like to note now that a ‘mage’ is a term used on any trained magic user weather it be ‘true’ magic or of a relegious nature. Paladins, Priests, and other folk often leave their churches and orders for a time to study with others like themselves. The Acadamy strives to take what magical talants an individual already has and strengthen them for the good of all.

Not only is the Academy known for producing the best magic wielders in the lands, it also produces the only licensed ones.

++Guide For the Magic Folk
++Guide For the Non-Magic Folk

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