The Tangle

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Concerning the Tangle, we know of the before and the after, but not what happened in between. As little as previous to 20 years ago it was a dense forest ripe with magic; a place where the Wilden lived. The Wilden? A race steeping with a deep magical bond to the forest itself.

It was roughly 20 years ago, however, when a great and tragic event left the entire land in ruin and ash. Much of the life there vanished in the destruction, leaving the remaining Wilden and any other species to flee. Smoke rose to such great measures that it blocked the sun for all of the northern half of Estrucia for weeks.

While some life is starting to grow again, the land can only support the twisted and new monsters which it has some to birth in the aftermath. New creatures never before seen, born prehaps for the very magic of the land itself which has grown twisted and cruel.

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