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Halnaria takes it’s spot just south of the Tangle and East of Doramar. The climate is quite temperate with warm summers and mild winters. The people here are mainly farmers with some herders. The most common crops involve vast orchards of pears, graps, and apples along with wide fields of wheat, barley, and similar type grains.

Halnaria is also known for other things such as it’s blacksmithing which is highly prized across Estrocia not only for the Halnarian Iron which stems from the local mountains but craftsmanship as well. The variety of fruits and grains make the land a large exporter of various brew including many fine wines and ales. The land has also been of note, on occasion, of it’s fine horses.

Most commonly are the humans, a highly adaptable (though often stubborn) lot indeed. However other are present. Halnarian humans most often have darker brown hair, fair skin, and stand between 4’8″-6′ tall. But again, this is not always the case.

The northern most borderlands of Halnaria guard against the horrors of the Tangle. (See The Tangle). Several small forts along the line claim home for troops and other support.





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