Estrucian Empire

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A long time ago, near the very beginings of this age, there sprung forth a great empire known as Estrucia. From shore to shore it’s lands consisted of the entire continent. What name the land had before, or how many governments it once held, and even how Estrucia started are long burried deep within the anals of history.

The majority of the climate is fairly temperate, with the sourthen most being tropical and the area above the Tangle being close to a frozen waste.

On it’s eastern coast, located in the Bay of Thorns, there lies it’s shining capitol. Known officialy as ‘Malinor,’ this wonderous and vast metropolis is more commonly refered to as ‘The Great City,” or “the Shining City.” It is home to the ehads of many guilds, both public and secret. It is also home to the Great Council.

Estrucia is ruled, officialy, by a council of nine individuals who are choosen from the wisest all of the lands races and creeds and represent a great variety of the people’s many fasits. Above them is a royal family who, while mainly for public notice, have a seat at the table as well.

On War
There is little war within the boundries of Estrucia itself, though clan and province ____ are not unheard of. There has, since the begining of record, been so much turmoil with the counter continent, Tallus, that most citizens don’t know from one moment to the next weather there is a war on or not. Peaceful Tallanians, however, are often treated with a sort of weary kindness unless proven otherwise.

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