Shadow of the Mage War

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Between prying an old wilden hermit from his hermit-cave, and vanquishing a criminal patch of garden vegitables, our group was made. Each with a reason to go out into the wide vast world, even if they didn’t quite realise it at the time.

Ipon heading back to town to recieve their just reward, our adventurers found that it had been stolen, with the theives heading up the road.

Heading out to snag their gold, they found themselves driven unconcious by a group of bandits. Hours later, they awoke tosses in a pile within a cave far off the main road. Within the cave there seemed to be a vast opperating room, with a desk and sealed journal. There were also quite a few undead, which were quickly lit afire, filling the cavern full of smoke. After a short stay, the adventurers left the cave to head back to town.

Forgetting about their delecious gold reward, they set out on a new quest to discover the contents of the journal as well as the source of their new itchy rashes.

Finding a guide, they journey’d out into the Hallowed Marshes, seeking one only known as “Wise.” They were attacked by crocodiles, the Deva slain, but the party moved forward. In a clearing they found a goat which told them of a curse, and of a task they should acomplish in order to start lifting it.

With a new mission to retrive an orb from the mayor of Sunnydale, they set off. Unfortunatly, through a matter of setting fire to a barn, killing some villagers, and making all sorts of other ruckus, the party alerts the mayor of their intentions; this giving him ample oppertunity to escape.  Inside his burning mansion they find a portal, and all jump through.

To be continued…

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