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The Wizard, the Witch, and the Tin Cup – Part 1

Once there was a young boy of 12 summers who would stand on the street corners of the capitol city playing music for money. Sometimes, he would pat on a drum, beating the ground beneath him with bare feet. Other times, the gentle notes of his flute would slither through the air of the marketplace like the scent of a flower. He had been separated from his parents by war, and used the money gained from his playing to buy food scraps from a local inn that allowed him to sleep in their stables.

One day and old woman came up to him. Her skin was far cracked with signs of age and wear. Her voice, he found, was soft and still somewhat alluring. “Hello my boy,” she cooed. The small green purse clutched in her hands looked too plump for it’s own good. “When is the last time you ate?”

“B-but a day ago, ma’am,” he stammered.

“Ah! Well then. Where are your parents?

“Th-they’re missing, ma’am.”

She grinned then, revealing several gaps where teeth one were.  “I’ve got a job for you boy. And if you do it right, I’ll give you this whole purse full of money.” She opened the soft green velvet purse revealing a bounty of gold coins. Certainly,  it would be enough to last him far into adulthood, or even the rest of his life if things went right.

“W-what do I have to do, ma’am?”

The old woman chuckled. “Do? Oh, a very simple task. You see, I am old and don’t get around well. My husband has been cheating on me with a younger woman. There is someone in the city who can help me find out for sure, but what I need is in the house. If I take it, my husband will know, you see?”

In fact, the child did not see. The story wasn’t the best one, and on a full belly he may have seen the old woman’s trickery. But, his stomach said it was worth a shot. Hey, it might be allot more goodly than that, right? He nodded in approval.

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