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Campaign/World Update for June 12th, 2010

Oh My Gods!
We would currently like to take note that the gods have long forsaken you. There are a good many religions with their churches and beliefs in a higher power in which you may join or already be a part of. There are also plenty of folks in the world who doubt the existence of these immortal beings at all, or maybe believe that if they do indeed exist out there in the cosmos, they have long since forsaken you.

The Tangle
In this world, the Fey Wild does not exist. To takes it’s place we find the Tangle. A wilderness filled with nature in it’s rawest and most wild form. It’s home to small numbers of several races. For example, no one knows how the Wildkin came to be, but if you were ever searching for their kind, a good scholar would point you to that thorny dark wilderness of the Tangle.

An Act of Government
The government is comprised of a large ruling city and many territories controlled by a family or elected official.

Megan is really wanting to have some steam somethings down the road. ‘Nuff said.

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