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Preparation For War

January 13th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, for restarting the campaign at least.  I’ve been tucked away in the D&D shadows and corners of imagination, plotting & planning a rise to some victorious state or, erm, atleast something playable which will incorporate more of the world.

First, know this:

-ALL forms of magic are generically called as such, with their wielders being a ‘mage.’ This includes holy, arcane, nature, and bibbity bobity boop. It does not include such things as potions. Figure it out? If you’re the one making the pretty lights, you might just be a mage. If you’re using a piece of flint, then probably not.

-You are on a large continent with one major government housing many smaller ones. It is similar to a country and it’s states, but not. I currently do not see it factoring heavily into things.

-The continent you are on has a snowy north and a warm south. It’s a big place with many different people and things to discover.

-There’s just as much proof of the God’s in this world as there is in ‘real life.’ Believe what you will. Many religions exist.

I will be making you an interview sheet for Sunday to try and get a bit more background info. This is how I will decide your bonuses. If you don’t do it, you will not receive bonuses before our next session.

(I’m going to be making a “What your character probably should know but doesn’t because it’s custom content” for each of you individually.)


Questions of the sort I’ll be asking:

Where did you grow up? (Somewhere snowy, harsh, military, warm, etc)
Have you had formal training? (If yes, we’ll discuss where. If no, please explain who taught you)
Are your parents still alive? (Yes, No – How?, Maybe)
How much have you traveled so far in your life?

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