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Howdy boys!

It’s about time I give this here D&D blog and update.

As I’m taking over the campaign fully, I’ll be making some changes from how Calvin ran it.

1) Confirm Fail – From now on, when any of ya’ll roll a ‘1’ on that perty little dice of yours, you’ll have to roll again to see just how deep into shame you’ll get. 

2) Secondary Skills – I’m working on this one a little bit. There’s plenty of fuzzy “learned” skills that don’t fit into the normal six, and not precicley into the other skill list. Thinkin’ you’ll get some background ones to start and the ability to learn. Yes, this could mean more gold in your pockets and more fancy tricks.

3) This Blog – Everything that gets posted up in this blog may be used as character knowlage. This means posts as well as all the various pages. It’s a custom world, and I reckon the party (outside of Aaron) havent’ had their heads in the dirt all their lives.

4) Roleplay Rewards – I’m boosting this up. Doing things just to try my nerves or piss me off will loose you some points. Roleplaying within your character, character development, and creative ideas will get you points. You don’t get to know how many you have, sorry. But it will mean better rewards when the rewards come.


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